Partnering for a sustainable world

At Cricket One, we believe when we partner we can feed the world more sustainably. Whether your focus is food, beverage, cosmetics, or pet food, we commit to work with you from idea stage until you have a product that will excite your customers.

Our Core Values

What we uphold in the relationship with our partners.

We rank food safety the highest priority and design the process to produce the safest ingredients.


We deliver the products that are consistent in taste, smell, texture, and nutritional profile.


Our cricket ingredients have the lowest water and GHG footprints among existing alternatives.


We keep innovating new ingredients out of crickets to widen the applications and excite our clients.


We innovate across the supply chain to make farming and processing more productively thereby lowering the cost.


When we work together, we are also helping small holder cricket farmers improve their livelihood.



High Quality FoodCrickets are packed with nutrients and have a history of safe consumption.




Crickets have a safe consumption history of 2,000 years, and are the regular diet of more than 2 billion people worldwide.

Cricket is a good PACKAGE of nutrients with 70% protein, 10 % fat of which 7% is unsaturated fatty acids, 10% chitin fiber, 5% minerals especially calcium, potassium and trace minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium, having 5 times more antioxidants than orange juices.

Containing all essential amino acids and is highly digestible.

Cricket is the most sustainable proteinCricket is the most sustainable protein. To produce the same amount of beef, cricket consumes 10x less feed, 100xless GHG, 100x less time, 200x less land, and 2000x less water.



100% house powder, 60% protein min, 10 % fiber max



Defatted house cricket powder, 70% protein min, 10% fat max, 10 % fiber max, 5% mineral.



100% oil pressed from crickets, rich in calories, vitamin E, A, Omega 3-6-9



Soluble Cricket Powder, 70+ % protein, high solubility, high digestibility.


Sustainable Goals

Zero Hunger

Across the globe, more than 800 million people suffer from malnutrition especially mineral and protein deficiency. As our population progresses to 10 billion and food production gets harder and harder, we need a more efficient food source to feed the hunger world. Crickets can address both malnutrition and efficiency in one go.

Climate Action

Livestock production is responsible for 45% global land use, 23% global fresh water, 25% greenhouse gas emission. Compare with beef, pigs, and chickens, crickets require a fraction of land, water, feed, and produce very little greenhouse gases.

Responsible consumption and production

The selection of our food affect our planet. Our product lines are safe, nutritious, and great for the environment.

No Poverty

Modern farming is ruling out smallholder farmers. We believe with crickets farming, they have what it needs to build a sustainable competitive advantage. We help them build their capability and improve their livelihood through training, supporting, and buying from them.


At Cricket One, we embrace the mission of “feeding the future with sustainable and affordable protein from crickets”. Our vision is to “ accelerate the normalization of insect consumption by making the best and healthiest ingredients from crickets for food, beverage, and cosmetics”

Meet Our Team

Farming technology team

Pioneer the research of cricket nutrition and farming system. Each month, together with our partners we carry several trials and develop new tools to make cricket farming more successful.

Food technology team

Lead new ingredients innovation. Protein is our main passion and the team are dedicated to develop new applications out of it for the prosperity of our customers.                                                                                         

Production team

Guarantee the stable and disciplined flow of production to make sure that the products are safe, consistent, and traceable.                                                                                                                                                                                               

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